RGI Next UX Factor: another great success!

RGI Next – UX Factor took place last Friday, October 21st at Firenze Fiera – Fortezza Da Basso, and it involved over 200 people including Insurers, partners and RGI People.


Elena Pistone, Corporate Marketing & Strategic Partnerships Director, introduced the event and RGI CEO, Vito Rocca, who opened the workshop with a speech about usability as one of the main drivers for the digital disruption in Insurance. Vito Rocca showed that the “digital disruption” is more than just a change of technology, but it can change also the traditional business paradigms, that are currently shifting from product-oriented to service-oriented business. RGI vision is to provide Insurers with an enabling technology, PASS_Insurance, that can assist them in the evolution of their business models.
The speech was followed by Nicolas Michellod, Senior Analyst at Celent, Oliver Wyman Group, who presented the results of the research “Private consumer data and smart technology research in insurance”, that RGI commissioned to Celent for the second year to assess the digital readiness of European Insurers, with a specific focus on Italy.

Then the Tech Show “Insurance-as-a-Service: Designing a new industry” took place: Aniello Mautone (Platform Director), with Roberto Mulas (Digital Product Manager), Valerio Storch (Data Scientist) and Ugo di Iorio (Presales and Business Innovation Director) talked about the role of the usability in the design of next-generation Policy Administration Systems. The new release of PASS_Insurance, which includes the unique front end PASS_Portal and the integration with recommender and Big Data, was presented with a demo, as a tool that will allow Insurers to improve their internal operation model and meanwhile open up to innovation and smart technologies. [pullquote position=”right”]The new release of PASS_Insurance is indeed designed according to social networks usability and it is integrated with technologies such as blackbox and artificial intelligence, directly reflecting the digital transformation that is taking place in the insurance industry.[/pullquote]
At the end of the event, the audience has been asked to vote for the winner of the Hackathon, the team that will go to Las Vegas and attend the Big Data Innovation Summit there.
The 3 finalist teams had again ten minutes to present their idea: the Vogon Team presented their application for driver assistance “DriveTracker”, Ocean’s 4 team presented “Brix”, a multichannel platform for the interaction between customer and Insurer; and #Fab4Hack team presented “Alfred”, a virtual butler to collect and insure objects directly from an app. “Alfred” was the most voted application so Marzia Canetta, Valerio Storch, Martina Vellere and Andrea Vocale from #Fab4Hack team won the trip to Las Vegas.
The event ended then with the show “DNA Inhumanity” performed by the acrobatic group “Stardust”.


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