RGI Group will attend the Italy Insurance Forum

RGI Group will attend tomorrow, April 28th, the Italy Insurance Forum event, held by Istituto Internazionale di Ricerca, with two speeches in Digital and Claims sessions.

The Digital speech, “Towards the “Digital Progressive Insurer”: how Insurers can face the digital revolution”, will give a vision of the digital phenomenon in the insurance market, in terms of multichannel distribution, customer experience, efficiency and business processes automation.


The Claims speech, “Claims Digital Transformation: the transformations of tomorrow require flexible systems to enable a process-driven organization” will show the management of a CARD Claim and it will show how a process-driven organization can provide Insurers with the flexibility to face evolutions such as Big Data and Internet of Things.

The event is addressed to insurance business experts, that have to face new risks, to develop new products, to identify the frauds, to settle Claims and to face the digital challenges. The attendees include important Italian Insurers such as AVIVA, Axa, Allianz, Cattolica, Reale Mutua and Institutions, such as ANIA and IVASS.


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