Embracing Innovation and Transformation at the Codemotion Conference 2023

Embracing Innovation and Transformation at the Codemotion Conference 2023

Last month, we participated in the latest Codemotion Conference, one of the most important events for IT professionals looking for insights on the latest technologies, inspirational talks, and hands-on activities. Held in Milan, it gathered over 100 speakers and guests across two days, with more than 80 sessions of talks and trainings.

During the event, our very own Stefano Amighini, PASS R&D Director at RGI Group, and Luca Bergomi, Development Delivery Lines Manager at RGI Group, took the stage to illuminate the importance of adoption and adaptation within the context of their daily work at RGI.

Working at RGI for many years, they shared their technical point of view regarding the evolution that the company is undergoing to meet the needs of the customers and the industry.  During their presentation, they highlighted the importance of adopting change by delving into three key trends in the insurance industry:

1 – From Product to Experience: Customers are now seeking experience over products, and they expect insurance services to be accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device. In this context, being able to seamlessly integrate value chains is a competitive advantage. For instance, portals are becoming a primary customer interaction tool.
2 – From Closed to Open Companies: Insurance companies traditionally rely on internal data, but they need to adapt to the data revolution. This transformation requires a centralized, data-driven approach, focusing on unstructured data architectures. The “GenAI data revolution” cannot be considered complete without data.
3 – From Labor-Based to Thought-Based Companies: Many insurance activities are manual or semi-manual, with employees focused on executing tasks rather than thinking. Companies are process-driven and tend to maintain procedures for extended periods. The introduction of rule engines, workflow systems, and the GenAI revolution will reduce manual work and enhance critical thinking.

RGI emphasized the significance of these trends not only in the insurance industry but across all sectors, attributing their transformation to the letter that separates “ADOPT” from “ADAPT.”

For instance, this letter can completely change the mindset and outcome of change.

ADOPT means accepting, using, and harnessing the potential of a product by adopting processes, procedures, functionalities, and evolution with zero-coding setup. It involves configuring the solution to suit the customer’s needs and implementing various APIs and interfaces to integrate with other systems typical of insurance companies.

ADAPT, on the other hand, involves bringing diversity into the product to adapt it to the customer’s specific needs while fitting it into the customer’s ecosystem. It entails creating openings to override and specialize certain behaviors.

For RGI, the transition to the ADOPT model has been a natural progression. From a technological perspective, RGI serves numerous clients with different solutions, with a common need: the industrialization of their product. So, this transitioned from various frameworks and a collage of libraries to distributing a unified product with numerous out-of-the-box functionalities. As for the business model, we invested in product evolution and expertise, rather than in customizations, which are now followed and developed by our partners.

Thus, we were proud to be at the Codemotion Conference to show the importance of embracing change and adapting in the ever-evolving landscape of the insurance industry. Our journey stands as a valuable lesson for companies striving for success in today’s rapidly changing world, with technology and an ecosystem of partners as the main drivers.

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