Key Takeaways from the AWS HouseWarming & Summit 2023

  • 19/05/2023  |
Key Takeaways from the AWS HouseWarming & Summit 2023

What interesting topics did I pick up at the AWS Summit 2023?
Here is a short summary with conclusions

AWS HouseWarming & Summit 2023
Soo… now I’m sure you all want to know what I took with me and where the journey in the cloud with AWS can go, related to the Summit and especially for insurance?
I have been able to see three key points over the last few days by attending the AWS House Warming and the AWS Summit 2023 in Berlin, which have been known (and are already present) for years, but in my opinion are becoming more and more important.

As part of the AWS HouseWarmings, I registered for and attended the workshop “Low-code application development on AWS with Mendix”. Fortunately, the workshop was filled with only a few participants, which gave me the opportunity to question a lot and exchange ideas intensively with the speakers.
My personal WOW effect – despite having gone more than 12 years without writing a line of code – I was able to complete two small applications within about 4h during the workshop.

Conclusion: LowCode/NoCode becomes a GameChanger and holds a lot of potential for any business. The logic can be implemented directly and without detours (drag & drop, micro workflows & parameterisation).

FinOps & Serverless
Cost pressure is increasing more and more, the lift & shift approach and the “simple” operation of applications are no longer sufficient. New business cases often do not even pay off when they are calculated on the basis of the public cloud with hyperscalers.

Conclusion: FinOps is becoming a significant building block for companies in the cloud. A whole new field of work is emerging here for insurers or companies.
Based on the cost optimisations, the consideration and use of serverless functionalities is becoming more and more important, as these make strong cost savings possible.
Conclusion: I also see serverless as an essential GameChanger that is available and will change a lot in the coming years.

AWS CodeWhisperer makes programming software immensely easier. It is a machine learning tool. It makes it possible to quickly produce simpler and higher quality code. CodeWhisperer analyses code in real time and suggests improvements and solutions to problems found in the code. It is able to learn from the context of the code and generate specific suggestions (not only lines, but also whole function blocks) based on that.

Conclusion: from my point of view, AI and ML will bring developer productivity and source code quality to a new level.

Personally, I am already very excited to see how these topics will determine and influence the coming years and also my work.

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