Societe Generale Assurances goes live in Romania with RGI’s PASS_INSURANCE

  • 17/06/2020  |
Societe Generale Assurances goes live in Romania with RGI’s PASS_INSURANCE

The first phase of the transformation project based on RGI’s Insurance platform has been successfully completed.

Independent Software Vendor RGI is pleased to announce that Societe Generale Assurances went live in Romania with the first milestone of a three-year programme. This endeavour aims at moving Societe Generale Assurances Life and Property and Casualty Insurance operations to PASS_Insurance, the core system of RGI, European leader in the digital transformation of Insurers.

PASS_Insurance went live in Romania – where BRD Asigurari de Viata (BRD AV), the Romanian entity of Societe Generale Assurances is operating locally in partnership with BRD, one of the largest local banks. BRD AV is one of the top three Life Insurers – implementing a large range of insurance products to be distributed via the bancassurance channel.

Taking place also in Germany and Italy, the project aims at replacing Societe Generale Assurances’s legacy systems with RGI’s solutions, as part of a wider transformation programme to adopt a new common Policy Administration System.

The new Policy Administration System allows the insurer to enhance the speed and quality of the insurance processes, and therefore, to better meet the clients’ needs. With PASS_Insurance, Societe Generale Assurances also benefits from a complete, end-to-end core system with a state-of-the-art portfolio management, a powerful enabler for the Insurer’s future innovative sales and new distribution channels activation.

Alberto Piva, RGI Italy CEO stated: “This go live represents a special moment for Societe Generale Assurances and for RGI. We are living a challenging context that forced the Project Teams to make tremendous progress in the remote working and in the ability to operate through the contingent complexity. The Teams, in fact, worked around the clock to make all the necessary activities done on time and on budget. This is an amazing achievement that makes me proud and confident on the future. With Societe Generale Assurances we are acting aggressively to protect and to enrich our project, being ready to make all bold choices needed to complete the deployment of other Countries.”

Arnaud de La Hosseraye, CEO of Societe Generale Assurances in Romania, stated: “This achievement is the result of the efficiency of RGI and Societe Generale Assurances teamwork which enabled this Go Live despite a full remote organization and all the associated complexity over the last few months. PASS_Insurance tool will allow our teams to be more efficient and autonomous on policy administration and monthly closure and ease the launch of new CPI products. To be continued with our Saving products”.

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