Customer Corners, Virtual Agencies and Video-Chats: Helping Clients Get More Involved in Their Insurance Plans

  • 10/06/2020  |
Customer Corners, Virtual Agencies and Video-Chats: Helping Clients Get More Involved in Their Insurance Plans

Digital solutions by RGI Group provide new self-service features which are an innovative step for the sector and also turn out to be particularly useful in times of social distancing.

One of the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on the insurance field has been an increased focus on alternative channels for engaging with clients.

The IVASS (Italian insurance supervisory authority) 41/2018 legislation obliges insurance companies to provide clients with password-accessible areas on their websites which contain information on active policies, deadlines, documents etc. and provide online functions including policy renewal, first notice of loss, opportunities to edit personal data, suspensions, reinstatement and reactivation requests.

Obviously, some Insurers will provide only the bare minimum necessary to comply with the regulations, but more forward-looking companies will see the introduction of IVASS 41/2018 for what it really is: an excellent opportunity to offer clients better insurance services and to create a new direct channel featuring the kind of self-service features which are particularly useful in times of social distancing. It is with this in mind that RGI has introduced its Customer Corner, Virtual Agency and video chat solutions.

RGI’s Customer Corner already includes many of the functions required by the legislation, including payment of insurance premiums, requests for modification of personal data and claims tracking, and key features include details of policies, a payments area, and access to documents. But there’s more too: customers today expect a personalized experience that understands and anticipates their needs, so RGI believes that the key to the transformation of the insurance field is “hyper-personalization”. The Customer Corner therefore aims to increasingly offer services and products – such as modular policies, remote assistance, care for the elderly, devices for home automation and other personalized content – which are tailored to the individual client and presented in language suited to their personal characteristics.

The Virtual Agency is another new RGI product that allows insurance agents, brokers and sales consultants to be by their clients’ side remotely – something particularly useful during the current situation. The Virtual Agency lets intermediaries manage interactions with customers, with new digital solutions allowing the same user experience as with traditional channels. The company’s intuitive virtual channel features a complete e2e platform and fosters smart business, simplified processes, efficiency and effectiveness in sales activities and customer self-service capabilities. It also permits for the adoption of different scenarios for sales opportunities, all of which can be smoothly integrated with the policy administration system.

Another RGI Group innovation is UNISVID, powered by Unimatica, a remote video identification service which facilitates remote collaboration between the agent (in the Virtual Agency) and the customer (in the Customer Corner), allowing them to easily interact. UNISVID has been created by Unimatica with an integrated platform of remote collaboration services including video-chat, document sharing and recording of interviews, and is perfect for the creation of remote workflows like video-consultancy for services and remote assistance. Also, Unimatica’s new service for smart collaboration in Cloud, UNISMART, allows customers and agents to create, share, sign and store documents remotely.

Customers make an appointment through the Customer Corner, the virtual agency manages the appointment, customer and virtual agency synchronize and connect, and the customer interacts with the agent remotely – all handled digitally and all with legal value.

These are the kinds of forward-looking innovations RGI feels certain will foster a closer, more productive relationship between client and agent.

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