RGI is already in the future: a new logo and an innovative corporate identity

During the corporate event RGI Next – Change to Grow, RGI announced the introduction of a new logo and the review of RGI corporate identity in order to reflect the evolution of a brand that from 28 years has been close to the insurers during their journey to the digitalization.

The new visual identity tends to simplicity and it realizes a parallelism with the digital innovation of RGI proposition, inspired by the contemporary stylistic trends. Besides the traditional blue and orange colours, the brand continuity is ensured by the orbit sign that, as in the previous logos, keeps rotating around the wording.


“We choose a strong and linear logo because we want that the brand represents ourselves and communicate our vision to the future, that we are targeting also with new digital software products”, Elena Pistone, RGI Marketing Director says, “The rebranding is also useful to consolidate our leadership position to provide innovation to the Insurers in all the European market where we are operating today”.



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