A new Personal Assistant

As a business man, your time is best spent running and growing your business and you usually don’t like to get bogged down by routine tasks and growing to-do lists.

The Virtual Personal assistant (VPA) will save your time by allowing you to offload tasks to highly efficient remote workers, wherever you are. From administrative duties to making sure your personal life does not fall into shambles, virtual assistants help busy business owners to stay more productive and organized with a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.


[pullquote position=”right”]The VPA performs some of the functions of a human personal assistant and with the user’s permission, it observes user content and behaviour to predicts user’s needs.[/pullquote] The VPA acts autonomously on the user’s behalf and makes everyday tasks easier: as an example, you can easily farm out an Internet search to virtual assistants. Common requests include finding information on corporate websites, exploring new products and vetting potential employees or business contacts.

Whether it’s a slew of new business cards picked up at a conference or updated information for existing contacts, keeping databases current is a suitable task for virtual assistants.

To keep you from wasting time in your email inbox, virtual assistants can filter your most important emails and answer to the rest on your behalf, prioritizing messages..

The VPA can be a good bet to handle tasks such as writing holiday cards or sending thank you notes and it is a great resource for finding hotels, booking airfares and mapping out trip itineraries both for business and for pleasure. The assistants can take advantage of the growing number of travel research tools and review sites on the Web. They can also deal with the hassle of navigating time zones when booking or researching international travel options by phone.

Because many scheduling tools are available online, virtual assistants are managing the calendars of many clients. Tasks include dealing with meeting invitations from others, scheduling appointments with clients and helping to plan events.

VPAs have the potential to transform the nature of work and structure of the workplace. They could disrupt career structures and enhance workers’ performance.


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