RGI Group Value Proposition

The integration of distribution channels is becoming a more and more strategic point in the insurance market, as RGI Group has specialized in the development and implementation of modular PAS solution (Policy Administration System) for the Insurers’ distribution channels and technological services.

Many Insurers aim reaching “uniformity” and “quick integration of the systems” on different channels to capitalize the variety of contact points with the insured.
For this reason, in the last years RGI Group has worked to develop a technological platform for an essential and impelling need for efficiency and effectiveness in the Insurers’ internal processes that will result in important economies of scale in technical portfolios and in the Claims area.

P&C and Life Digital Modernization“, “Claims transformation“, and “Digital Interactive add-on” are the pillars of RGI Group offering.

value proposition

  • P&C and Life Digital Modernization: the features of RGI’s PASS suite can not only give insurance companies an edge in business, but also improve the relationship between the companies and their customers. PASS_Insurance integrates the Life, Property & Casualty and Claims insurance branches on a single application platform. With easily configurable software and architecture, the system can be adapted to the organisational requirements of the Insurers, each with its own change model.
  • Claims transformation: PASS_Claims is the module including all the information and functions required for the management of Motor, No Motor and Special Branches Claims. The system handles all entries, recording details guarantee, with the possibility to monitor claim evolution at the finest level of detail, from estimates to claim resolution.
    • Digital Interactive add-on tools: for the evolution of an Insurer into “digital insurance”, with an end-to-end distribution model, paperless and real-time policy management.
      It is a complete suite of products that answer the need for constant innovation, agility and security in the mobile insurance market, as a solution towards multi-channel innovative sales distribution and new business opportunities. It is dedicated to digital management of insurance processes, including digital signature, storage in certified digital archives and payment systems.
      It allows the consultation of the coverages, the subscribed contractual conditions, the payment status and its time frames, and, just related to Life, policy redemptions, and updated values, in addition to the possibility of renewing policies and payments.
      It is a technical commercial tool to seize the new sales opportunities, through traditional channels, and all the alternative sales channels like direct channel, home banking, home insurances, Affinity groups, and call centers.