RGI Group digital signature for the Paperless Insurance Agency and Mobility

The current italian legal framework on digital signature and long-term storage, both authentic and substitute, of digital documents is now well established and immediately accessible to Insurers that aim to completely digitalize their documents.

During May 2013, indeed, the technical rules were published on the Advanced Electronic Signature and they allow Insurers to use the graphometric signature for the underwriting of contracts and policies. The agency shall be equipped with a tablet for the collection of the graphometric signature (“biometric vector“), while the agent or the insurer may use the digital signature, either automatic or remote.


The proper management and application of these technical elements as well as the long-term storage of documents, entrust to all digital documents an immediate and lasting legal validity. Benefits for the Insurers and their sales networks (agents, brokers, bancassurance , etc.) are relevant, not only in terms of cost-reduction for the purchasing, printing and paper management and its long-term conservation but also for the optimization and increase of efficiency for internal processes.

The second half of 2013 was thus characterized by the several projects related to the long-term storage and the digital signature. The long term digital storage and the digital signature allow Insurers to manage in a completely “paperless” way all their typical processes: policies, attachment documents, claims files and all administrative and accounting documents (records, books, invoices, etc.).

In order to meet the specific needs of the Paperless Insurance, RGI has integrated the digital signature and the long-term storage systems of Unimatica the PASS Suite, driving the Insurers towards a “paperless insurance”, both at agency and headquarters level.
RGI wants to be a partner in digital and paperless insurance projects providing: graphometric signature tablets, digital signature and long-term storage applications (available as SaaS and OnPremises), the system-integration with the legacy systems, consulting services for technology application and legal aspects, compliance and business processes analysis.

The graphometric signature of RGI in Italy is certified by the “Terzo Fidato” for the generation and storage of cryptographic keys and it is therefore providing Insurers with the highest levels of security and privacy.