Let’s go on with the insurance sticker dematerialization

The insurance windshield sticker dematerialization in Italy has become a law on October, 18th. The law states that the “dematerialization” is to be completed within 2015 October, 18th.

insurance stickerThis law is the “Decreto 9 agosto 2013, n. 110“, issued by the “Ministero dello sviluppo economico” in agreement with the “Ministero delle infrastrutture e dei trasporti”, and it was published on the “Gazzetta Ufficiale” on October 3rd, with validity from October, 18th.
The regulation is part of a wider effort to streamline the Third Party Liability costs control and it has the aime to prevent the frauds related to the forgery of insurance stickers.

According to the regulation, within two years, the policemen and the authorities, will be able to identify immediately the cars without insurance protection, thanks to a new integrated database, in addition to the traditional register checking system.

At the end of 2015,the insured will be discharged from the need to show the insurance stickers. The Insurers should anyway provide the paper documents related to the policy underwriting and payment, and this would overrule the electronic statements. (Adiconsum)