RGI Next – UX Factor 2016: The Future is Now!

There are more than 3 billion people connected to the Internet right now: Digital influences every part of our daily lives from work to home, so the digital evolution is also shaping the insurance industry in stunning fashion.

To face this phenomenon, insurers must react quickly, since today’s digital revolution permeates everything: from art to economics, passing through sport, health and, of course, insurance world.

Our flagship event RGI Next this year will have the payoff “UX Factor”, and, on October 21st in Florence, it will deal with digitization, omnichannel technology and extreme usability from B2C world.  The most significant innovations and trends in insurance world (such as artificial intelligence, bots, predictive models and the analytics) solutions will be presented, showing how the integration of these technologies and intelligent front ends within insurers’ systems can boost the business.


The insurance attendees will have a unique opportunity for discussion and interesting insights on new insurance business models.

Today for Insurers, the customer experience or customer journey are the key topics that arise from  the digital transformation to innovate the customer relationship. Not to mention that we live in a European context, where the so-called Millennials (those who were born between1980 and 2001, 9/11) are characterized by an increased use of communications, media and digital technologies. [pullquote position=”right”]The rise of instant communication technologies, made possible and easier through the use of the Internet and social networks like Facebook and Twitter, can explain the  Millennials’ familiarity with online buying and fruition.[/pullquote]

In the near future the broadband communications will raise the satisfaction in sales more and more: Industry 4.0, wireless networks and 5G will be the watchwords of the next few months. These technologies, combined with the pervasive diffusion of social media, mobile and new intelligent tools used as communication, information and interaction channels among people, will offer Companies new opportunities to use these paradigms, both for internal and external use.

By 2020 the winning  Insurers will be those that will get the best results by exploiting the latest fin-tech solutions to accelerate their digital strategy. IoT, wearable devices, predictive models, analytics and Big Data will offer huge opportunities to streamline costs and risk management: the future starts from RGI Next!


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