RGI Group with Poste Assicura for “POSTE VIVERE PROTETTI” – an awarding customer experience at the centre of the innovative everyday insurance modular offer

  • 23/03/2021  |

Transforming the customer experience with the implementation of a complete technological platform that would converge the entire non-life insurance offer in a multiservice and omnichannel perspective. This was the challenge that saw us alongside Poste Assicura, the non-life insurance company of Poste Italiane Group, with a project that began in March 2019 and that in less than a year saw the launch on the market of a portal capable of transforming the experience of the Group’s 35 million customers with the modular insurance offer “POSTE VIVERE PROTETTI”.

“Digital Customer Experience” is now a recurring buzzword for all industries, especially due to the last year of lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has forced all of us to change our consumption and purchasing habits, pushing towards increasingly digital experiences, regardless of our age and previous familiarity with technology. Companies have organized themselves accordingly, implementing – often in a very short time – new tools to meet the growing need for assistance, purchase, and remote use.

In this context, a great strength of the initiative conceived and implemented with the Group was that it was ahead of its time, seeing already two years ago the opportunity to offer all clients and users better access to insurance products and services with a front-end that worked exactly like e-commerce websites. In fact, as highlighted by the results of the research of the Fintech & Insurtech Observatory of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, customers want companies of the future to prioritize speed, simplicity, transparency and the possibility to do everything from mobile. This trend is confirmed by interesting data: 29% of those surveyed have already purchased an insurance policy at least once in fully digital mode and 35% intend to evaluate this possibility during the course of the year.

The project aimed precisely at meeting these growing needs, putting the customer at the center of a service ecosystem, made of financial and insurance products, postal services, and digital/mobile payments and leading to the implementation of a modular offer to simplify the quotation process with just a few clicks. The steps have been reduced from eight/nine to only three and the number of products sold every day – increased from 600 to 1,000 – concretely demonstrates the success of this solution.

These results were also achieved thanks to the strategic vision of the client’s top management, the IT strategy based on the integration of vertical best practices, the separation of tasks between the various project teams and the adoption of an agile scrum methodology. All these elements allowed us to meet the main challenge: managing the coexistence between the legacy architecture and the new architecture, without limiting technological innovation and compromising or limiting the digital evolution of the Group in the next years of transformation. A path of collaboration and common vision that has marked an important step in the digital transformation of the Group towards a multichannel and customer-centric model, that has been awarded this week by Celent, a leading research and advisory firm focused on technology for financial institutions globally, with the assignment of the Model Insurer 2021 award in the Customer Experience Transformation category, confirming the scope and importance of this successful case history that sees us co-protagonists alongside a leading company in Italy and a reference point at international level.

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