RGI Digital Observer: the “Compliance and Regulation Observatory” is ready to go

The regulatory adjustment effects on Insurers’ operativeness and IT systems are one of the hot topics for both Insurers and IT partners. Because of the several digital innovations and the increasing use of technology, they have to deal with the regulatory evolution both in terms of industrial and business point of view.

In recent years, indeed,[pullquote position=”right”] the Compliance issue, especially in Italy, has become a top priority that often is managed by dedicated deparment[/pullquote], not to be considered as a cost, but as an investment that aims to enhance the product’s quality through accuracy, transparency and commitment.

RGI organizes the “Insurance Compliance and Regulation Observatory” with the aim to create a community of Insurers exchanging specific knowledge in Insurance, technology and regulatory fields, and providing more efficiency to IT and business departments.


The Observatory is organized in partnership with Cetif Research Center (Centro di Ricerca su Tecnologie, Innovazione e servizi Finanziari – Università Cattolica in Milan).

Each RGI interactive workshop will deal with the acknowledgment of a new significative regulation, the discussion with the Insurers and the definition of a shared modus operandi for the new regulation among RGI and the Insurers in order to analyze the technical impacts of the new regulation on RGI assets.

Furthermore, a RGI online forum will be used as a support tool where users could access anytime the workshop contents, suggest ideas and interact with each other with thematic posts.

The first Kickoff will be held in Milan, Via San Gregorio 34,  the 12th of July.


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