RGI announces the new release of PASS_Insurance 4.0

  • 11/09/2019  |
RGI announces the new release of PASS_Insurance 4.0

Innovative technology, Cloud and paperless are the pillars for the platform with the largest European customer base

RGI, the European leader in the digital transformation of the European insurance market, today announces the new release of PASS_Insurance 4.0, Policy Administration System for Life and Non-Life Insurers.

The new version of the platform, that is the most widely used by European Insurers, has Cloud and microservices as main pillars.

“Our customer base and industry independent analysts agree on strong growth in the demand for Cloud solutions for the insurance market – says Ugo Di Iorio, Research and Development Vice President of RGI – The key features of this technology guarantee fewer costs, infrastructure scalability and architectural agility for the implementation of new business requirements. Cloud technology is increasingly essential for a market that sees the go-to-market of new products and services as competitive levers. Hence, the evolutionary roadmap of PASS_Insurance goes in this direction. The new release includes new Cloud-native modules according to the market best practices, that integrate with the existing ones, available both in traditional and Cloud mode”.

One of the main innovations of the platform is the new PASS_Doc Evolution module, the first important collaboration between RGI and Doxee, a leading company in Europe in Customer Communications Management and Digital Customer Experience solutions.

PASS_Doc Evolution optimizes operations by embedding best digital efficiency and Cloud-native management of the processes in terms of document production, such as policies and insurance forms, as well as the possibility of integrating advanced digital customer experience features such as personalized video and an innovative customer corner, which help Insurers to strengthen and develop their contact points on all distribution channels.

Digitalization allows the evolution of communication with new innovative brand perception and PASS_Doc Evolution makes easier to reach a new generation of consumers through direct interactive channels. 

Such functionality will also be one of the differentiators in the future in terms of regulatory compliance: PASS_Doc Evolution, along with PASS_Insurance, already allows the insurance customer to a digital omnichannel customer experience. Paperless and the dematerialization of document processes are one of the most promising trends of Digital Transformation. Also, PASS_Doc Evolution and PASS_Insurance allow Insurers to comply with the information obligations set by IVASS in the new regulation that will come into force from May 2020.

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