RGI and UNIMATICA-RGI at the Italian Insurtech Summit 2022

  • 28/09/2022  |
RGI and UNIMATICA-RGI at the Italian Insurtech Summit 2022

Last week we participated in the Italian Insurtech Summit, a three-day hybrid event organised by the Italian Insurtech Association – IIA, which unites all companies and professionals that believe in and advocate for the application of new technologies in the Italian insurance industry.

The Italian Insurtech Summit took place between Wednesday 21 and Friday 23 September and included many different keynote speeches and panel sessions featuring international and Italian speakers coming from the financial services sector as well as the tech and creativity fields. This year, the focus was on digital innovation in the insurance industry, especially in light of the consequences of the pandemic. One of the main topics at the core of most of the sessions was the importance of accelerating the process of innovating the industry, especially thanks to training activities, the exchange of technological best practices and the promotion of new synergies between national and international institutions and organisations.

During the event we had the opportunity to present RGI’s and Unimatica-RGI’s solutions and explore how they can help insurers innovate and offer the best customer journey.

During the session “Technology and Innovation in Insurance: A Global Perspective from Industry Leaders” on Wednesday 21 September, Marco Sebastiani, RGI’s Group Head of Product & Digital Innovation, presented RGI’s solutions in the speech “How technology can help insurers to tackle innovation”. As he explained and presented the technologies offered by RGI, he also had the chance to offer his point of view on how we can help insurance companies with product innovation and the creation of new distribution channels, while also ensuring integration with different systems. According to him, for instance, technology and the ability to innovate play a key role in the process of creating an ecosystem around policy administration system solutions.

On the second day of the event during the session “Upgrading Insurance Financial Services”, Unimatica-RGI’s CEO Aniello Mautone introduced Unimatica-RGI’s product offering in his speech “Data Transaction Management Services to Support Bancassurance Digital Evolution”. Focusing on a customer journey involving an end customer and a distribution network, he explored all services that can be offered at different stages of the customer experience.

Finally, the third day was dedicated to panel discussions focused on the relation between the insurance industry and topics such as digitalisation, cybersecurity, diversity & inclusion, and open and embedded insurance.

Overall, this year’s edition of the Italian Insurtech Summit was not only a great opportunity to present RGI Group’s projects and products, but also to exchange ideas and perspectives with other organisations operating in the insurtech industry and get an outlook on the present and future of this sector.

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