Healthcare and digital support: RGI’s solidarity during the Covid-19 pandemic

  • 05/05/2020  |
Healthcare and digital support: RGI’s solidarity during the Covid-19 pandemic

The European leader in the digital transformation of insurers donated a total of €100,000 to local organisations which are working to fight the coronavirus and its effects in various countries

With the world’s attention focused upon trying to contain the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, corporate social responsibility has never been more important.

As a European leader in the digital transformation of insurers, RGI takes its corporate social responsibilities very seriously. For this reason, the Company has been undertaking a series of initiatives aimed at providing a tangible demonstration of its solidarity with all those working to curb the Coronavirus outbreak as well as all those affected by it.

After selecting one or more local organisations in each of the various countries where the Company operates, RGI’s board of directors donated a total of €100,000 to them, together with funds collected through local crowdfunding efforts.

In Italy, RGI – together with the Rotary Foundation, their partners for the initiative – opted to support the Emergency Hospital constructed in the Fiera Milano exhibition centre in Lombardy, the region of Italy most seriously affected by the pandemic. As the situation has evolved, the funding has been directed towards the clinical and research activities coordinated by the Polyclinic of Milan, which manages the structure. Donations can be seen and made here, and two videos featuring RGI personnel have been posted on the Company’s social media pages to promote the campaign. RGI subsidiary Unimatica has also made a donation of its own to the Scientific Hospitalization and Care Unit of Bellaria Hospital in Bologna.

In France, RGI has made donations to the research activities of the Institut Pasteur, whose crowdfunding page can be found here, and to several French hospitals (crowdfunding page here), while in Germany it has made donations to the German Red Cross (information can be found here and a link to crowdfunding here) as well as to three hospitals in Tunisia; the SAMU 01, the La Rabta Hospital and the Pasteur Institute of Tunis.

Digital solidarity is also vitally important, and for this reason, RGI subsidiary Unimatica has joined the Digital Solidarity project of the Agency for Digital Italy and the Italian Minister for Innovation to offer cloud platforms for three months free of charge to public administration payment system pagoPA, SIOPE and SIOPE+ order management systems and electronic invoicing, thereby allowing citizens to carry out payments to and interact with the public administration from the safety and comfort of their own homes.

In addition to these initiatives, RGI has also undersigned an insurance policy against infection with the Coronavirus Covid-19 virus for all RGI Italia employees until the end of 2020 and paid March’s salaries a week in advance. Since the end of February, the Company has been offering staff the opportunity to work from home and it provides a dedicated psychological support office for RGI employees which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All part of RGI’s commitment to helping tackle the Coronavirus outbreak, protecting the health of its staff, and supporting the hard work of doctors, nurses, researchers and hospital personnel during this challenging time.

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