AmTrust Assicurazioni partners with RGI for the Italian Market

  • 30/10/2019  |
AmTrust Assicurazioni partners with RGI for the Italian Market

AmTrust Assicurazioni, part of the American Group leader in the Medmal (Medical Malpractice) market, went live with the Professional Healthcare Third Party Liability in Italy in partnership with RGI, European leader in the digital transformation of Insurers. In only four months, RGI delivered the PASS_Insurance solution, a Policy Administration System for Life and Non-Life Insurers to enable a smart and effective go-to-market.

The flexibility and scalability of the tariff configurator, together with the user-friendly front-end of PASS_Insurance suite, allowed RGI and AmTrust to speed up and simplify the production processes also for Medmal policies, which are the first use case of a new business line managed by PASS_Insurance.

AmTrust Assicurazioni, has a leadership position in Italy, with over 60% health Insurance coverages signed with hospitals and more than 100,000 insured doctors. A fast-growing context, due to the recent regulation on the compulsory policies for patients and cares, as well as the Third Party Liability, which will lead the Insurer to develop new solutions in this field.

“Also, for AmTrust, the flexibility and scalability of our suite was the winning element” Vito Rocca, CEO of RGI says. “The global market is increasingly asking for Policy Administration Solutions that enable a smart development of dynamic Insurance products for a faster go-to-market. The choice of AmTrust, an Insurer with a very challenging time to market, is a reward of our investments and commitment. It is also a great opportunity to increase the already wide range of business lines covered by PASS_Insurance.”

“From ten years we have been working to develop Insurance solutions for the Italian market that can best meet doctors and hospitals needs and requirements. – Emmanuele Netzer, CEO of AmTrust Assicurazioni comments – The partnership with RGI is a further step to confirm our commitment in this direction, providing to our policyholders a tool, PASS_Insurance, to speed up and simplify the policies management for an even greater service.”

RGI has a leading position in Europe, gained over more than 30 years of activity, which led it from Ivrea to digitalization of over 100 Insurers and 300 brokers in EMEA. In the last two years it has consolidated its footprint in Europe with three acquisitions: Novum, one of the main players in the German-speaking Countries, and Kapia-RGI, the reference Company in France and Luxembourg, in addition to UNIMATICA, which operates in Italy with paperless.

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