[:en]A positive digital experience[:]

[:en]We hear a lot about digital customer experience, but which are the key factors to enable organizations to stand out in these terms and which benefits can they expect to see?

Capgemini tried to answer these questions into its report “The Disconnected Customer: What digital customer experience leaders teach us about reconnecting with customers” published on 28th of June. The research reveals a gap between how businesses and consumers perceive the quality of their customer experience. Indeed, while three-quarters (75%) of organizations surveyed believe themselves to be customer-centric, only 30% of consumers believe this to be the case, with the most of the gap registered in UK, France and US, even if [pullquote position=”right”]the report reveals that over 80% of consumers are willing to pay more for a better experience.[/pullquote] This assumption comes stronger if we talk about traditional industries, such as consumer products and utilities, whose companies state to be under improvement regarding their attention on customer experience while their customers think differently. The risk of this wrong perception is that consumers decide to stop purchasing from a company altogether when it failed to provide a positive experience.

What companies should do to fill this gap?

First of all the analysis noticed that organizations that tightly link their business operations with the customer experience gain greater rewards in terms positive customer perceptions.

Furthermore, the report mapped and connected the goals of the customer and the brand at key points in the relationship lifecycle in order to point out a number of best practices that will help companies to differentiate their customer experience.

Even for those organizations that are able to meet customer needs, the research find out a series of challenges for their customer experience strategy, on both an organizational and technological level. As an example, 57% of the sample surveyed revealed the need of keep pace with the customers’ tech expectations increase while the 56% has to face with the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

As suggestion, the companies could tackle these challenges through a measured step-by-step approach.

What organizations could do is to learn from leaders from other industries how to leverage and deliver a great digital customer experience seeing the opportunity to face with customers ready to reward and to pay for better experiences.[:]


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