The multichannel paths

The digital revolution has led to a majior change in the market which has evolved into business and sale models, thus allowing an integration between traditional and innovative channels and promoting the differentiation among users during the information gathering and underwriting processes.


Using as an example the underwriting process, the multichannel approach lead to different and interchangeable management models. Just to show you the combination of various channels: a customer may compare the quotations among Insurers on the web, the underwriting process continues in the agency and whenever the insured wants to check his status or information about his policy, he can easily access to his private web area within the insurance company website. Different channels make it possible to follow other paths; for instance, the customer can make a quotation and purchase directly at the agency, and then monitor his insurance status on the web, and so on.

The multichannel approach opens the way to a wide range of possible combinations.

These new ways through which the consumers seek information and purchase products are closely related to every type of industries and they are essential as a business tool.

The business challenge is just at the beginning: after becoming aware of the existence of “multi-channel consumers”, it is indeed necessary to set the right objectives aiming at designing a successful strategic planning.