The digital buzzword in insurance

Few years ago, digitization was the new frontier of business and it was identified with a generic renewal of IT systems. Over time, the buzzword “Digital” has become concrete and now we refer to a real transformation of a company with new models in business and organization.

Industry insurance has also undergone this trend, the majority of Insurers believe digitization is a key driver for business development. The direction is clear, but the work to be done is still considerable, as the Insurers that have completed the transformation are few, only 5% in Italy according to a study conducted in 2015 by Celent, Oliver Wyman Group, in collaboration with RGI.

Yet, what is clear is that the insurance client is mature to benefit from digital services in addition to traditional ones, and he isavailable to share with the Insurer some specific information about his private life, with very high expectations about the Smart Technologies. At the same time, however, according to a research conducted less than a year ago, more than half of the respondent insured was thinking that the insurance market still lags behind compared to other industry in the development and use of technology, while digital transformation is at the top of the priorities of all the Insurers.

So, the digitalization and new technologies as Big Data, IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence, offer to the Insurers an extraordinary opportunity to close the gap, also relational, with the insured and to change the image of the insurance industry.

Today Insurers have the possibility, thanks to the so-called “appification” to exploit the potential of omnichannel and mobile devices, increasing the everyday contact with the insured on a device that the consumer takes with him the whole day, his smartphone.