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The first RGI Hackathon is here!

On September, 30th at Talent Garden Milano, RGI will perform the first “RGI Hackathon”, a 24h contest where the teams will develop ideas, mock-up, products or services in insurance, a highly competitive marathon where RGI employees, organized in teams of 3/4 members, will struggle for the first prize, that is a 4-days trip to Las Vegas during the Big Data Innovation Summit (25-26 January 2017).
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RGI Next – Back to the Future

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!” This is how Dr. Emmett Brown, alias “Doc”, one of the protagonists of the famous movie “Back to the Future”, imagined the year 2015: a world where the innovation and the technology rule and the digital has conquered each part of the everyday lives.
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