RGI took part at the “Macrossing Days 2016” event organized by Macros Reply in Munich on April 6th – 7th, 2016.This event celebrated the 10th year anniversary.

At SkyLounge München venue, the event gathered about more than 80 attendees. The two days event was organized in multiple sessions, Macros clients presenting their project experience but also general trends like digitalization in the banking and insurance industry.

RGI was involved in two general sessions and, during a round table, Pierre Dubosq, RGI DACH Region Manager, discussed with other opinion leaders about the digital transformation in the insurance and banking industry, focusing on challenges and disruptive trends arising from this massive revolution.

He presented how disruptive digitalization in the insurance market is contributing to the evolution of the insurance business models and services, thanks to the new digital tools and the new digital channels.

The event was the occasion to analyze the technological innovations, such as omni-channel platforms and digital tools, through which Insurers can achieve their digital business goals.