PASS_Products Easy: simplicity has a new name

The search for a greater efficiency in business processes supported by ITarea, the need to keep operating costs low  and the opportunity to launch new modular products and tariff changes are steadily driving Insurers towards a modernization and evolution in their Policy Administration Systems .


The most modern Policy Administration Systems are based on configurators that allow them, without writing lines of code, to define the product  structure and main components, but the complexity of these configurators often leads the IT specialists to be the main users.

Today, thanks to current configurators, business can autonomously perform some configurations, but actually it still depends on the IT area for most configurations and implementations when creating and making products.
The main consequence is that users can see the result of the implementation cycle only in the testing phase, and the problems detected at this stage require a further execution of the implementation cycle (which normally lasts 3-6 months – according to market experience).

With PASS_Products Easy, instead, business can independently and intuitively perform all the configurations necessary to create, edit and produce insurance products. This implies a reduction of the time necessary to create and produce new or modified products (reduction in errors and recycling, as users can immediately verify the accuracy of alterations on a product.

In this way, it is easy to organize the product factory as well as easy setting up, testing and approving products.

PASS_Products Easy improves the already high usability of PASS_Products, reducing requirements and increasing at the same time the number of possible users.