New ways of connecting: a few takeaways from the Annual Connected Insurance Conference

The innovators in insurance moved from London to Amsterdam. This is a visible development of the Annual Connected Insurance Europe Conference, taking place between 15 and 16 May and hosted by Insurance Nexus, a London-based insurance hub that helps executives to find a new solution for reaching customers of today and tomorrow. The reason?

Graham Proud, head of the European Project, explained in an interview that the main reason was “to quit being too Uk-centric and triggering wider participation among player from German and Nordic markets”, as well as from the Latin-speaking countries of southern Europe, including Italy.

The topics of this year were centered on the role of innovative products in benefitting consumers, providing them with what they’ll require and they still don’t know to wish, in particular, the core of the conference was based around new services and solutions technology based for the insurtech community.

The convention hosted more than 350 delegates, both from the big players of the sector and innovative startups.

The central theme that connected two days of speech and roundtable was the conquest of new markets using the cutting edge technological items like IoT and AI for closing the gap between insurers and customers.