20th Annual Assicurazioni 2018

  • October 29, 2018  |
20th Annual Assicurazioni 2018

Two birthdays in one. Ours (30) and that of Annual Assicurazioni (20).

We will celebrate them during the 2-day conference in mid-November dedicated to “Global risk and digital innovation in the insurance market”: this is the underlying theme of next edition of Annual Assicurazioni (http://eventi.ilsole24ore.com/annual-assicurazioni-2018), the benchmark event in the insurance world which every year gathers together top managers from the leading companies and the heads of institutions to assess the state of our sector, and in which we will proudly be taking part for the second successive year.

Two days of debate and round tables on the main issues connected with the changes, innovations and trends in the insurance market.

The effects of the change can be seen in the habits of consumers, in technology and in the speed and simplicity of interaction. And they are keenly felt in a segment which until now has been one of the most conservative of all industrial sectors.

Together with Alessandro Plateroti, Deputy Editor of Il Sole 24 Ore, our CEO Vito Rocca will discuss “Click Insurance: the dawning of a new world”:

Alongside more traditional digital platforms, new platforms selling services and micro-risk coverage are cropping up where the policy concept is superseded by the concept of a service that you can buy and which protects you in different ways. Today, the approach to the insurance paradigm has changed.

This means that:

  • core systems must have extreme application convergence,
  • front end systems must speak the e-commerce customer language,
  • IoT system interconnections easily manageable with APPs are used.

One example is Zhong An, the most important insurtech startup in the world (which secured over $900 million of investments, with a value of over €8 billion). Its strength has been its ability to develop an exceptional number of insurance products – it sells over 200 types of policies online – aimed at both companies and individuals, insuring both traditional assets but also new cyber risks, managing online the entire process, from purchases to claims,. Then there is Neos, the British insurtech startup and the first company in the UK to use the internet and smart home devices to protect homes from fire, theft and damage caused by water.

We have begun to see a divergence between the traditional insurance market, which will begin to lose its market share in niche businesses, and the new insurance market which will gradually make the niche, retail-oriented and by-click businesses its own.

We can say that the future will be dictated by so-called conversational interfaces.

Next, Ugo di Iorio, Presales & Business Innovation Director RGI, will talk about “Digital ecosystems for the new insurance customer experience”.

At RGI we have been shaping insurtech for over 30 years. We have always been a company focused on core processes but, having opened our ears, we have repositioned ourselves in order to speak, interact and respond to the new needs of the market, also embracing Click Insurance.

At RGI we regard this opportunity to make a contribution to the sector, offering our point of view on the technologies that help companies to evolve, as extremely important. In fact, as we all know, the insurance market is feeling the effects of the digital revolution more than most.

RGI is proud to represent the digital influencer of the EMEA insurance market. This is thanks to our comprehensive and modular range of solutions that shapes the main insurance processes, policy management, market management, sales and distribution.

To catch up on the latest news from the sector, come and see us on 12 and 13 November in Milan!



Elena Pistone,
Marketing, External Relations & Intermediaries Director


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